DJ Wedding Entertainment in Little Rock

Are you looking for wedding DJs in Little Rock? Let us ask you a question, 

6 Months After a Wedding…

What is the most memorable takeaway for guests? Is it the food, the music, or the incredible time they had?  It is an INCREDIBLE time that they had. 

Why? Because, your DJ is the number one vendor that affects how involved and how late your guests stay, what your photographer shoots, and what the video reflects. With us, you won’t be presented with your typical music-list driven DJ.

 Basically, where we differ from other DJs in Little Rock is that we are more interactive. We coordinate icebreakers that we can do during cocktails so that everyone has a chance to meet each other. We also personalize the introductions of your bridal party and customize them uniquely for each member (maybe as a roast), so your guests understand who these people are.

Our wedding DJs in Little Rock actually take the time to build a relationship with your guests and get them motivated, more involved and having a great time.

What Our Wedding DJs in Little Rock Do

Additionally, we also give you options during your first dance on how to get your guests more involved in YOUR special moment. For instance, we could have your guests all out on the floor celebrating what just happened instead of just watching.

We coordinate a plan on what to do to get your guests to the buffet, instead of the usual “ding, ding go get it!” Then, how do we put all of your guests on the dance floor in 60 seconds flat after dinner? Ultimately, all of this stuff is mentally driven.

That is the reason why we have such an impact on the success of your event.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Because of how we customize each event, it’s hard to ask the right questions through the website, so please Call Us us so that we can learn more about you, your event, your goals, and of course your amazing guests!  

We also do amazing MC/DJ EntertainmentPhotography, Decor Lighting, Videography, and our Photo Booths are the Photo Bomb!!