One of our favorite services we do has interactive MC/DJs is karaoke services in Little Rock. The guests LOVE getting up and singing their favorite tunes, and we actually get involved in a way that is both FUN and MOTIVATING for them. 

Our goal of our karaoke services in Little Rock is to make sure that your guests will have the time of their lives at your event.

Whether your guests prefer Christmas, R&B, Country. or Rock hits, we have almost every song you and your guests could imagine. Also, we make sure that everyone will get a chance to have their STAR MOMENT during karaoke. 

What you get with normal DJs is usually just them calling out a name, and then you see someone shyly walking up on stage while some friends kindly cheer them. That is not the case with us! We actually ENCOURAGE your guests and make them feel WELCOME, which makes them more open and able to have way more fun. 

We even coordinate ideas on how to get your guests more involved, which we personalize by who you and your guests truly are. Your pictures and videos will come out BETTER because you will be able to see the INCREDIBLE time your guests had on their faces!

We do amazing MC/DJ EntertainmentPhotography, Decor Lighting, Videography, and our Photo Booths are the Photo Bomb!! 

Because of how we customize each event, it’s hard to ask the right questions through the website, so please contact us so that we can learn more about you, your event, your goals, and of course your amazing guests!